Friday, 2 December 2016

Closing Time

Leonard Cohen has passed away.

We were connected.  The mother in law of Gideon Zelermyer, the cantor who sang on his last album, used to live two blocks from me.  I drive through Westmount, the city where  he grew up, a lot. I went to Mcgill University and my dog swims in the river where Suzanne had a place.
Maybe not so close.
Evil teacher Suzy wanted us to do a tribute to him and played his music for the entire class.  While I enjoy his music, 3 hours can make you feel very very sad. His poetry was beautiful. So it would be natural to include words in a painting.

It is very rare that a person who is not a hockey player touches both English and French people in Montreal.  He did.

And I loved you when our love was blessed
And I love you now there's nothing left
But sorrow and a sense of overtime
And I missed you since the place got wrecked
And I just don't care what happens next
Looks like freedom but it feels like death
It's something in between, I guess
It's closing time

It's Closing Time

Friday, 11 November 2016

Remembrance Day 2016

We have had an amazing summer and a spectacular fall but unfortunately it wasn't nice today.

Today is Remembrance Day.

Canadians wear poppies to  honour our veterans. The tradition comes from the poem In Flanders Fields by John Macrae.

I like to attend the ceremony in my city. It was cold and it was damp. After we observed 2 minutes of silence, I really didn't want to hear any more speeches. I wanted to sneak away, but there was this one man in front of me  who stood the entire time, with his walker.  
Veteran with walker in Front of Canadian Flag
He made me feel a little lazy and unappreciative.  I stayed.  I survived.  It wasn't so bad.  
I'll go buy another poppy and thank a vet.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

On the Road day 4

Whoops at the last minute I noticed I forgot to paint the tires.  The car looked pretty funny floating in the air.  
I love when the sun pokes through buildings.
In the light find the Road 

And if you feel that you can't go on. And your will's sinkin' low
Just believe and you can't go wrong.
In the light you will find the road. you will find the road

Saturday, 3 September 2016

On the Road - Day 3

Missed Day 2 oh well.  At one point of my life if I missed a day in a sequence I would have just said well I screwed up might as well forget it.  I realize that in this 30 in 30 it is very likely that I won't even do half because we may go on vacation, the kids are in,   etc. in other words a lot is going on. I am going to do just what I can, enjoy the process and just chill.  Can I be maturing? It is about time.
Road less traveled

If you trust your rebel heart, ride it into battle
Don't be afraid, take the road less traveled
Wear out your boots and kick up the gravel
Don't be afraid, take the road less traveled

Thursday, 1 September 2016

On the Road - Day one

If you are an anglophone (English speaking person) in Montreal, the odds are pretty good your kids will move to Toronto.  If your kids move to Toronto the odds are, you will be spending a lot of time driving  the 401.  If there is a more boring way to spend six hours I don't know about it.

We were on the 401 and it was moving which is a miracle and my mind was drifting trying to come up with a topic for the 30 in 30.  I thought I spend so much time on this boring highway I should just paint it. Then I said to myself in caps "I SHOULD JUST PAINT IT".

On the Road Again
Cue the music

on the road again
Just can't wait to get on the road again
The life I love is makin' music with my friends
And I can't wait to get on the road again

30 Roads in 30 days.  And not all of the them will be the 401

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Adam and Eve Revisited

A long time ago I belonged to a co-op gallery.  Every once in awhile we would have a show with a theme.  This one was Adam and Eve.  I really was proud of my work which is to have Eve give Adam a modern apple.  Let's be honest I thought I was brilliant.

Adam and Eve Revisited

The two paintings hung in our bedroom  for ever and you know if something is there a long time, you stop looking at it.  Well we got a new comforter and all of sudden my bedroom looked different and the paintings looked really  dull.  So I fixed them. 

Adam and Eve Revisited
Now they can go up on the wall again until I redecorate again.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Don`t Give Up on Me

I was in my class with Evil Teacher Suzy.  The painting I was working on needed tweaking.  She started yelling at me not to touch it while telling another student to go for it.  HUH? Why should I stop painting and why should the other student  continue. This needed an explanation and it had better be good.  It was good.  Suzy elaborated that the other student let's call her X - Madame X - would continue until she was satisfied and I would continue until I was unsatisfied and paint over it.
She is right.  I do that.  I did bring a painting to cover with gesso and paint over but when I brought it home I though I will show that evil teacher Suzy, this painting can't be fixed.

I really hate it when evil Teacher Suzy is right.  I worked on it and for not very long and I started to like it.  I think it needs a little more work but not much.  I love the effect of the sun and the shadows on the building.  What do you think?

Early Morning

I am really pleased. I feel I captured the effect of the light  peeking through the buildings.

Don't tell Evil Teacher Suzy that she is right - I am afraid of what else she might make me do.